Curve Reality

What XR Promised

Total immersion with full freedom, accessible by everyone

What XR Delivered

XR today is compromising reality because you are either shackled to an immobile, high-priced computer or underwhelmed by a heavy, low-quality headset.

Over 10 million users have purchased XR displays knowing they will be tied to immobile devices and locked-down platforms. Frustrated, they want a better user experience.

The long-term promises a grand, unified AR/VR/MR platform, but for now we’ve got three quite different ones.

Venturebeat 2019

*XR (eXtended Reality) = Virtual + Augmented + Mixed Reality

Curve Reality – Uncompromising Reality

Curve Reality delivers the promise

A wearable XR Machine weighing less than 1kg that powers VR, AR & MR headsets.

Play any XR content on any XR display with a computer that fits in the palm of your hand.

Small & Lightweight

Using a hybrid of PC and Mobile technology, Curve is the world’s first dedicated XR Machine, both headset and platform agnostic.

XR Done Right

Unlock the full potential of every XR Display. Cut the cord without compromise and supercharge any VR, AR or MR headset.

Making XR Accessible

From thousands to hundreds of dollars. Our XR Machine lowers the cost of entry for XR enthusuasts who cannot afford a PC.



Ed Mason


Over 10 years experience working with immersive technologies. Built XR Protoypes and Products for companies like NVIDIA, Samsung and Mattel.

Bill Rehbock


Spent time at Atari, Sony PlayStation, VM Labs and 15 years at NVIDIA, acting as General Manager for Android Gaming, and creating NVIDIA’s “The Way It’s Meant to be Played” program.

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