The Web3 Ecosystem

Curve Reality is home to a new kind of gaming. Every day thousands of users are discovering this new age in gaming and technology. With the word’s first web3 games console, Curve Reality brings the power of community, innovation and creativity together on one dedicated device.

Play 2 Earn

Fully embracing the latest in gaming and web3, Curve Reality is the breeding ground for the next generation of gaming content, unbeholden to the Web2 app stores that reject Web3 content.

XR Support

Supporting traditional TVs and Monitors as well as High end VR and AR headsets such as the HTC Vive, Valve Index and any OpenVR supported XR Display, as well as some upcoming stealth AR Glasses.


With our own App Store that supports both blockchain and NFT content, developers can now publish their apps directly to an App Store designed from the ground up for XR and Web3 content.

Partnerships & Technology

The 'Walkman' of XR

With an Nvidia GPU and ARM Processor, Curve Reality is a new category in computing. Featuring an Open Source Operating System based on Android with more horsepower than any other android device to date, capable of driving PC grade VR and AR displays as well as TVs and Monitors. This is the device the Metaverse has been waitiing for. 

The Metaverse Standard

The Metaverse is coming and with that, a new kind of hardware and standards are needed. Join Curve Reality as we disrupt the gaming space with a radical new way of bringing a product to market with some of the most exceptional members of the technology world


Having partnered with some of the world’s most recognizable brands in the tech world, Curve Reality brings a new kind of device to market, empowering Web3 devs around the world.

Game Developers

From Start Ups to globally recognized developers, Curve Reality empowers developers of all shapes and sizes to release the content they want to build. Developer Kits available to select web3 and XR partners and developers.

Game Publishers

Find the right audience for your Web3 content with a platform that embraces the latest and greatest blockchain gaming has to offer.  

Metaverse Creators

With the advent of a web3 powered Metaverse, Curve Reality brings to market a device built from the ground up to deliver the best Metaverse experience to any display, VR, AR orTVs


With a focus on community, Curve Reality listens to what communities want and brings a robust development platform ideal for communities and developers alike. Have a say in the development process of this new wave of hardware. 


NVIDIA, Surfaceink and Unity3D are just some of the partners we are working with to bring this next generation device to market. Join the web3 revolution and get in touch today. Get in touch today and find out how you can join this hardware revolution. 

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